• network installation

    JD Networks's specialist Network Installers can perform the following hardware installation & services:

    tick Data cabinet & PDU installation

    tick Cat5 & Cat6a data centre network cabling

    tick Copper cable locating

    tick Server & telecommunications racking

    tick Network cable management systems

    JD Networks provides network installation services and proving to be a leader amongst local computer network companies servicing Australian capital cities, such as Sydney. Our network engineers can design & install your company's computer network, that's custom constructed and purely built to fit your business IT and security requirements. Our engineers & network installers will liaise with your company's IT team to ensure you are kept informed throughout the entire network planning, design and installation process. We can even provide network maintenance services on a regular schedule post installation.


  • data cabling
    You might require our data cabling services for the below:

    options Connect your new x-box one, Playstation to your home internet connection.

    options Extend your home or small office LAN.

    options Install VoIP handsets around your home.

    options CCTV data cabling installation services back to your LAN/internet connection/central monitoring station.

    options NBN Wall socket installation and relocation for phone and modem.

    We also perform business and commercial data cabling installations & design. Book our data cabler technician today.

    JD Networks's team specialise in data cabling installation, bringing our expertise to entire capital cities and surrounding areas across greater Australia. We can provide an array of Ethernet data cabling services that include installation of new cabling, repairs and maintenance using Cat 5, Cat6.


  • data cabling

    How WIFI Access Points Work?

     Common configuration for wireless access points is simply to extend your current network to all the hard-to-reach places and operate within the same SSID where possible. In order to extend a network with your WIFI access point, you’ll need a top brand access point which you can generally be relatively safe from suppliers such as from D-LINK, RUCKUS, Ubiquiti, TP-LINK & CISCO. If you’re wanting the latest WIFI access point reviews just ask our staff members for the best solution for your application.


  • Internet Repair Connection ADSL VDSL NBN

    Internet Repair Technician Process:

    step 1 Check internet lead-in location for SYNC & Correct levels

    step 2 I.D internal cabling issues between NBN or Telstra boundary point & wall plate(s)

    step 3 Identify any possible causes that might require repair behind wallplate or sockets

    step 4 Isolate and check internet's internal cabling connecting your devices

    step 5 Test & confirm any issues and advise you (then issue a customer report)

    Internet faults can happen just about any time of day and there can potentially be many reasons why your internet connection is slow or not working and now have no internet access. Eeek! The worst part, your internet service has most probably stopped working at the most inconvenient time, so you could potentially be looking for a reliable internet and phone technician to visit your premises and repair your connection anytime of day or night!

    Internet connection types we can isolate or fix?

    tick ADSL / ADSL2

    tick VDSL2 (FTTN/FTTB)


    JD Networks understands that your internet connection requires maximum uptime and with high demand for 24/7 fast internet connection, our technicians will certainly provide the quickest resolution, repairs and expert advice.


  • Phone Line Repair

    step 1 Check your phone wall socket & plugs

    step 2 Check phone cabling from sockets => network boundary

    step 3 Identify working services at Telstra or NBN network boundary point

    step 4 Internal cabling continuity check inc. alarms, devices....

    step 5 Repair faulty cabling/issues affecting your services

    Do you need to fix your phone line? Is your phone line crackling, buzzing or simply your phone line not working but internet seems OK with no dial tone? You'll need our ACMA licensed phone technician to visit your premises to identify and repair your phone line.

    Some common problems with many phone lines and especially if you are located up the coastal areas of Australia are corrosion with your phone points and poor jumper connections from previous telephone contractors that may have performed poor workmanship upon the initial installation.


  • MDF Jumpering

    MDF Jumpering Service Types?

    tick ADSL / ADSL2+

    tick  VDSL / VDSL2 (NBN/FTTN/FTTB)

    tick  PSTN Standard Telephone Service

    If you live within an apartment, unit or complex and have an onsite manager, just let them know we might be attending your property to get your phone and ADSL service up and running, this will minimize any delay should there be any access issues to your MDF location within your building. Not always required however just common courtesy and recommended should you require our attendance after business hours.

    JD Networks's MDF jumpering services or otherwise referred to A to B jumpering are performed by fully licensed and qualified ACMA approved telephone technicians servicing Australia wide apartments, townhouses and multi dwelling unit blocks that will connect your new phone line, ADSL or NBN VDSL2 (FTTN/FTTB) service promptly. 

    If you're waiting for your new phone line, ADSL or Naked DSL service to be connected you need to call us as we provide MDF & IDF jumpering services to all residential and commercial business dwelling types.



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Intel Celeron G3930 2.90GHz
  • Gigabyte H110M-H Motherboard
  • 4Gb DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB WD SATA7200RPM Hard Disk
  • LG SATA DVD Writer Dual Layer
  • Intel HD integrated Graphic card with
  • 3D Integrated Sound Card
  • ATX Med. Tower Case with Power supply
  • 2x Front USB2 Ports & 4xUSB3 &2xUSB2.0
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 network Card
from $435
Intel Core i5-6500 3.20GHz
  • Gigabyte B150M-D3H Motherboard
  • 8Gb Kingston DDR4 RAM
  • Seagate 1Tb SATA Hard Disk 7200RPM
  • SAMSUNG SATA DVD Writer Dual Layer
  • Intel HD integrated Graphic card with HDMI
  • 3D Integrated Sound Card
  • Internal Flash Card Reader all in one
  • ATX Med. Tower Case with Power supply
  • 3x Front USB2, 2x Rear USB2, 2x Rear USB3
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 network Card
from $835
Intel Core i5-6500 3.20GHz
  • Gigabyte GA Z170-HD3 motherboard
  • G Skill 16Gb(2x8G) DDR4 2400MHz RAM
  • Seagate 2.0Tb SATA Hard Disk 7200RPM
  • Samsung SATA DVD Dual Layer Writer
  • GA 2GB NVIDIA GTX950 Graphic
  • 8-channel Integrated Sound Card
  • ATX Med. Tower Case
  • Thermaltake 600W power supply
  • Internal Flash Card Reader all in one
  • 3x Front USB2, 2x Rear USB2, 4x USB3
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 network Card
from $1,450
Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz
  • Gigabyte GA Z170-HD3 motherboard
  • Gigabyte 2GB NVIDIA GT730 Graphic
  • Asus SATA DVD Dual Layer Writer
  • Kingston 8Gb DDR4 RAM
  • Seagate 2.0Tb SATA Hard Disk 7200RPM
  • 8-channel Integrated Sound Card
  • ATX Med. Tower Case with 500W Power
  • Internal Flash Card Reader all in one
  • 3x Front USB2, 4x Rear USB2, 2x Rear USB3
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 network Card
from $1,035
23.6" Samsung S24D300B LED Monitor : $175
MS DT600 Keyboard+Mouse : $30
MS Windows 10 OEM : $155
* The real product shall be differ from the above image

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